Writing Thorough Test Cases

A test case is a statement that describes what the test will be performing. A test script is part of a test case and are the granular steps to perform the test case. A test case should aim to exercise as much of a set of requirements as possible, while still being concise.

Formally, a test case is:

[A] set of conditions or variables under which a tester will determine whether an application, software system or one of its features is working as it was originally established for it to do. [Wikipedia]

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Software Testing and Its Many Incarnations

I started out in my career as a test automation engineer and manual software tester in Quality Assurance.

Testing is paramount to developing high quality software. The meme “I don’t always test my code, but when I do, I test in production” is funny but also, unfortunately, very true. It is rare to have a fully-functional QA team these days. Developers are expected to test their own code.

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My Story

Everyone has a story about how they came into being a professional software developer. Below is mine. I am writing this mainly for myself, but I hope you, dear reader, can gain something from it.

How It All Started

Before I made the choice to become a software developer, I was a music major at a local community college. It was my dream, then, to be a band director since I enjoyed teaching and performing on stage. I did well as a music major and was hesitant to switch over to computer science. Computer science was out of my comfort zone, and music was all I knew.

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Engineer, Developer, or Programmer? Which One are You?

The Good Old Days

I remember the first time I wrote a single line of code. It was in MS-DOS 6.0 in QBASIC back in 1995 on my first computer. My first “Hello World” program was awesome. I could not help but feel a sense of power when I learned I could actually “tell” the computer what to do. Back in 1995 the internet was slow and programming resources were scarce or hard to find. I taught myself everything from the Help contents.

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