What is Wrong with Software Development Today: A Rant by Steven Williams

NOTE: This is a rant, this is only a rant.

A Little History

My first foray into computers was back in 1995 on a Packard Bell Legend running Windows 95. That was back in the days when you had to know how to make batch files, edit config.sys files, and play with IRQs just to get some, read “most”, games to run. Continue reading


My Story

Everyone has a story about how they came into being a professional software developer. Below is mine. I am writing this mainly for myself, but I hope you, dear reader, can gain something from it.

How It All Started

Before I made the choice to become a software developer, I was a music major at a local community college. It was my dream, then, to be a band director since I enjoyed teaching and performing on stage. I did well as a music major and was hesitant to switch over to computer science. Computer science was out of my comfort zone, and music was all I knew.

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Engineer, Developer, or Programmer? Which One are You?

The Good Old Days

I remember the first time I wrote a single line of code. It was in MS-DOS 6.0 in QBASIC back in 1995 on my first computer. My first “Hello World” program was awesome. I could not help but feel a sense of power when I learned I could actually “tell” the computer what to do. Back in 1995 the internet was slow and programming resources were scarce or hard to find. I taught myself everything from the Help contents.

Each day I opened QBASIC was like an adventure. “What can I do today?” I would wonder. I remember teaching myself, and not quite understanding, arrays and data types. Continue reading