Qualities of Great Software Developers

Over the course of my career I have run across all types of developers, and people (sometimes I wonder if developers are even human! I kid, I kid.), from the expert beginner to the guru. Expert beginners are those that think they know it all and are not open to learning anything new. Gurus, of course, are those that understand that our field is huge and it is impossible to know everything, but are experts in some things and have worked with a wide range of technologies. Continue reading


My Story

Everyone has a story about how they came into being a professional software developer. Below is mine. I am writing this mainly for myself, but I hope you, dear reader, can gain something from it.

How It All Started

Before I made the choice to become a software developer, I was a music major at a local community college. It was my dream, then, to be a band director since I enjoyed teaching and performing on stage. I did well as a music major and was hesitant to switch over to computer science. Computer science was out of my comfort zone, and music was all I knew.

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