What’s Your Motivation?

Developing good software is hard. Not only is it difficult to create elegant solutions to complex problems, there is no shortage of grumpy users, red-tape, and office politics to wade through. Continue reading


Why I Enjoy Being a Software Developer

Some days are rough: having to deal with users that think they know it all, putting out fires, and having to deal with office politics, among other things. However, some days are very smooth and renew my faith in humanity. I think everyone, at any company, typically wants to do the best job they can (and then go home!). Continue reading

Engineer, Developer, or Programmer? Which One are You?

The Good Old Days

I remember the first time I wrote a single line of code. It was in MS-DOS 6.0 in QBASIC back in 1995 on my first computer. My first “Hello World” program was awesome. I could not help but feel a sense of power when I learned I could actually “tell” the computer what to do. Back in 1995 the internet was slow and programming resources were scarce or hard to find. I taught myself everything from the Help contents.

Each day I opened QBASIC was like an adventure. “What can I do today?” I would wonder. I remember teaching myself, and not quite understanding, arrays and data types. Continue reading