Upcoming C# Fundamentals Blog Series

I am developing a new blog series that will teach a new C# developer everything he or she needs to know to begin writing applications in the language. The first post will be released on 12/5/14. Subsequent posts will be released every Friday.

The series is still in the very early stages of development but will cover these topics:

  1. Overview of the C# language: it’s history, philosphies, etc.
  2. The CLR
  3. The FCL and BCL
  4. Types
    1. Boxing and unboxing
    2. Pass by reference
    3. Pass by value
  5. Exploring the Visual Studio 2013 IDE
    1. Menus
    2. Customizing the look and feel
    3. Tips and Tricks
  6. Intro to the debugger
  7. Creating a Hello World console application
  8. Interfaces
  9. Abstract Classes
  10. Functional Programming
  11. Events and delegates
  12. Lambdas
  13. LINQ
    1. Extension Methods
  14. Data Handling
    1. ADO.NET
    2. Entity Framework
  15. Web Services
    1. SOAP
    2. RESTful Services

I expect people coming into this series to already have a knowledge of Object Oriented Programming principles, so I won’t directly cover encapsulation, inheritance (though we’ll see that in the interface and abstract class posts), and polymorphism.

There will be an overall project for the series. Each post will build on the last. So, when we create our Hello World console application, we will improve it in the next to utilize an interface. Then, we will look into abstract classes and see what benefits, if any, we gain from using that over an interface.

By the end, we will have a full-featured application (of some sort. That’s TBD).

This will be my first major series. Any comments and suggestions on how they can be improved will be greatly appreciated!

So, what do you think about a series like this? Let me know in the comments!


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