Resources for New .NET Developers

Someone recently asked me what resources I would recommend to a new .NET developer. I wish someone had given me some sort of advice as to which books are good, which ones to avoid, which sites to visit, and which ones to avoid. Well, below is my list of useful resources for new .NET developers.

Websites and Blogs

Hansleman – Scott Hanselman works for the Web Platform team at Microsoft and is a prolific speaker. He also has a very well-written blog and a few high-quality podcasts. I recommend his blog and podcast to everyone (even if they don’t ask – he’s that good.).

Simple Programmer – This blog is run by John Sonmez, who aims at making software development easy. His aim is mainly on improving developers’ soft skills, because, frankly, that’s what we tend to lack. We tend to be really good at the technical but terrible at the soft skills. He also has a YouTube channel and a product that aims at allowing you to market yourself as a software developer.

Iris Classon – She is an inspiration. She was originally a dietician, but decided to go into programming and has achieved great things in an extraordinary short amount of time. She is a Microsoft MVP.

Microsoft Virtual Academy – There is no shortage of resources here. You can learn just about anything you want on this site, for free!

Channel 9 – I absolutely love this site. This is run by Microsoft and is aimed at developers. I enjoy the Ping show, and Defrag Tools. They also live stream their conferences on here. So when Microsoft is doing their Build or TechEd conferences, you bet it will be streamed here! They also recently did a free .NET conference, which can be found here (just do a search for dotnetconf).

Alvin Ashcraft – This is a link blog written and maintained by Alvin Ashcraft. The links are always useful and the content fresh.


Hanselminutes – Always interesting guests and always high quality.

.NET Rocks! – These guys have done podcasting for a long time. They recently eclipsed show 1000!


I wrote a post, a while back, that listed the best books for software developers.

What websites, blogs, podcasts, and books would you recommend for a new .NET developer?


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