Why I Enjoy Being a Software Developer

Some days are rough: having to deal with users that think they know it all, putting out fires, and having to deal with office politics, among other things. However, some days are very smooth and renew my faith in humanity. I think everyone, at any company, typically wants to do the best job they can (and then go home!).

This field is different than most: we can actually do this stuff at home, on the beach (oh how I miss Gulf Shores), virtually anywhere as long as we have a computer that can power on.

Even through all of the tough times, I still enjoy doing this profession. I consider myself fortunate and very blessed to be able to work in a field that, right now, is in high demand and pays well (though money is definitely not a major motivator for me). I enjoy being able to solve a company’s business problem.

The process of talking through projects with my end-users and other stakeholders makes me feel like I am making a difference. I can help them make their job more efficient, which sometimes means downsizing departments (at least in my experience; your mileage may vary). I don’t like downsizing departments, but I do like being able to provide a group a software solution that I made from inception to implementation, and see them perform their daily tasks much faster than before. As they say, “Time is money”.

That’s my two cents.

Why do you enjoy being a software developer?

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